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E11 Tales and Trails through Cape Breton: A Conversation About Jim St. Clair

A group discussion about Jim St. Clair's album 'Stories of Cape Breton'

1 year ago

Episode Notes

This episode is an edited version of our StorySave Listening Party (think book club, but for CDs!) on Jim

St. Clair’s 2008 album ‘Stories of Cape Breton’. Host Cindy Campbell-Stone leads the group in a conversation about Jim, his album and his stories.

Produced by Erin Beaubien, Cindy Campbell-Stone, and Heather Whaley. Technical production by Tamara Filyavich.

Music: Niel Gow's 'Lament for the Death of his Second Wife'

Purchase “Stories of Cape Breton” on our website Buy the digital album or listen to ‘Stories of Cape Breton’ on Bandcamp Watch Jim St. Clair’s Heritage Cape Breton interview